Microgrid Generation

By Bob Furgeson

The future of microgrid generation is very bright. The benefits are many and provide reliable, cost-effective generation for the local user/owner but also benefits to the public through reduced demand on existing infrastructure, which the article quotes as being given a grade of D+ from ASCE in 2013.

Implementing microgrids: Controlling campus, community power generation

Bob Furgeson, PE, CEM, GBE, CBCP, CEA, Energy Services Market Leader   As the Energy Services Market Leader at Shive-Hattery, I help my clients learn about the value of sustainable energy performance and the resulting environmental and economic benefits. I am interested in integrated, sustainable, high performance building design and influencing building performance through the use of strategic energy analysis.

I grew up on a farm learning to raise food crops and livestock while caring for the environment. These values helped to shape my education becoming an agricultural engineer and mechanical engineer. My diverse background and experience has given me a broad base of knowledge to draw from in support of my clients goals. My clients are looking for practical, economic and environmental solutions in their building designs along with solutions that provide a return on their investment. These goals are not mutually exclusive. Making this into a reality for my clients is extremely rewarding because I see them be successful and I enjoy being a part of their success.

Bob Furgeson, PE, CEM, GBE, CBCP, CEA
Energy Services Market Leader
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