10 Steps to Kicking Your Building Project off Right

10 Steps to Kicking Your Building Project off Right

By Brian Gotwals

Building projects can be fun, exciting, rewarding and challenging. Getting off to the right start can make all the difference.

  1. Establish a decision-making team of community leaders, stakeholders and users to set priorities, take actions, and find funding and donors.
  2. List the primary goals and functions for the project. What is it that you want to accomplish?
  3. Create a pro forma/business plan for the project and establish the models for fundraising. How will the building be purchased and paid for? Will you recruit local volunteers or a consultant?
  4. Establish a preliminary building program scope to size the building.
  5. Establish a preliminary budget that includes line items for site costs, construction costs, equipment costs, design contingency, construction contingency. A design professional can establish this with you.
  6. Set up site selection criteria and use them to find a site or sites from available properties.
  7. Agree on an appropriate level of marketing materials for fundraising efforts. A picture is worth a thousand words. Work with a design professional to develop written descriptions and digital assets for marketing materials such as preliminary diagram plans and building rendering.
  8. With a design professional, maintain a balance between scope and budget.
  9. Choose a method to realize your building project. There are a number of project delivery methods including Design/Bid/Build, Design/Build, Negotiated Contract, Turnkey, and Public/Private Partnership (P3).
  10. With financing in place or in progress, develop the design drawings and specifications to a level appropriate for the project delivery method.

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