Top 11 Benefits to Submetering

By John Waldron

Energy Dashboard

Eleven ways you can take information gained by electricity submetering to save money.

  1. Study energy usage patterns
  2. Establish a baseline for energy usage
  3. Determine spare capacity
  4. Drives incentives for operational efficiency
  5. Obtain basis for operational decisions
  6. Identify changes in energy consumption
  7. Reduce downtime by facilitating post-mortem analysis
  8. Benchmark electricity consumption of identical processes
  9. Accurate cost allocation of facility electrical utility costs
  10. Identify unnecessary peak demand charges
  11. Understand electricity costs by department or process

John Waldron, PEJohn Waldron, PE
  Beyond providing technical knowledge, engineering support, and solid design, I am very interested in developing genuine relationships with my clients. When it comes to electrical engineering, actively engaging and truly listening to my clients has been key to exceeding their expectations. Once they’ve shared their goals, I’m able to coordinate the design, installation and functionality. I’ve helped clients with a wide range of projects including designing electrical power distribution, onsite generation, lighting, fire alarm security, and electronic technology systems, and arc flash analysis studies.

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed sharing my knowledge on arc flash issues. This has led to national speaking engagements, recommendations from many industry peers, and contracts with clients who have hundreds of buildings requiring an arc flash assessment. Understanding the importance of arc flash is a major safety concern for building owners. I am a member of the American Society of Safety Engineers to further my involvement in this critical area of safety for all involved. OSHA compliance is a driving force for arc flash assessment. I have also seen firsthand the ravages of arc flash injury and have made it my personal goal to bring awareness to this issue.

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