Do Chilled Beams & Healthcare Really Mix?

By Jeremy Huisman

Do Chilled Beams & Healthcare Really Mix?

We all know that the healthcare environment can be a demanding one, especially when it comes to heating and cooling systems. Past experience has narrowed down the list of system possibilities to very few that can meet the strict reliability and performance standards, often at the expense of energy efficiency. Fortunately, code changes in recent years have added chilled beams to the list of systems suitable for various healthcare spaces. This allowed Shive-Hattery to successfully design and install an active chilled beam system for a hospital, and share the resulting success for others wondering, “Do chilled beams and healthcare really mix?”

Active chilled beams (ACB) have gained popularity in the United States over the last decade, for being very efficient, quiet, and low-maintenance pieces of equipment. The majority of the benefits come from the lack of a fan or pump in the room-based chilled beam unit, preventing fan noise and maintenance from the start, as well as reduced energy consumption.

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Jeremy Huisman, PE, Mechanical Engineer   Even before I knew I wanted to be an engineer, I was a problem solver. I’ve always strived to understand the issue at hand, and then enthusiastically work to solve whatever task we’re faced with. I’ve been fortunate to make a career of this, and have worked on many different projects, providing me with a broad experience in the fields of healthcare, education, commercial and municipal.  Still, I approach each day with the goal of learning something new, preparing me for the next challenge. 

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Jeremy Huisman, P.E. HFDP
Healthcare Mechanical Engineer
Jeremy Huisman, PE, HFDP, Mechanical Healthcare Engineer

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