5 ways having a trails plan can benefit your community

By Jenifer Bates

Trails are an important part of any thriving, growing community.

Choosing the Right Piping Option for Your Industrial Project

By Brent Amelon

How can you determine which is the best type of pipe for your industrial project?

Designing for Dementia: 9 Tips to Improve Environments

By Doyle Harper

Here are a few examples of environmental features that affect people with dementia and design solutions that are proven to positively impact their experience and behavior.

Keeping Athletes and Fans Safe In Sports Facilities

By Johnny Boyd

We’ve mapped out a few of the most important design considerations that can impact athlete and spectator safety.

Strategic Use of Color and Lighting Influences Children’s Ability to Learn

By Laura Bradbury & Kari Uhlenkamp

The goal of all schools is to help their students learn by creating an environment in which they can thrive. Color and lighting can help support that mission.

Prototyping Senior Living Communities

By Sameer Kulkarni

The idea of prototype has reinvented itself in today’s technological advancement in many fields including the design and construction industry.

A Building Certification Program Based on Science

By Jakub Skalik

Passive House applies to buildings beyond residential homes. Schools, hospitals, office buildings, multi-family housing...

What is shrinking and turning green? Multi-Family Housing!

By Mark Seabold

Many areas of the country are lacking in affordable housing options for young professionals and empty nesters.

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