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Traffic Data Collection: A Useful Tool for All Industries & Markets

By Shive-Hattery

Traffic data collection tools equip you with knowledge to accurately and quickly identify possible problems, their causes and viable solutions to meet your wants and needs.

Build Outside the Box – Finding ways to innovate in urban development

By Mark Seabold

See panelists advice for architects, city planners, developers and engineers on how to be innovative and still get your ideas approved.

Cubicles "benched"

By Shive-Hattery

Two common business problems are finding their solution in one design trend. Shared workstations reduce footprint and increase collaboration.

3 Ways to Improve Your Workplace

By Michelle Jones

Give people choices, align design with company culture, focus on wellness...

WORKTECH takeaways: Culture Drives Engagement – and Engagement Defines Culture

By Jeff Lewis & Michelle Jones

The "war for talent" has moved from tech company skirmishes over a small group of technology "gurus" to a nationwide battle... read more

2016 ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey Standards & Changes

By Walter Hurlbutt

Many changes have occurred with the 2016 revision of the Minimum Standard Detail Requirements for ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys

Workplace design: An opportunity to market a company’s brand

By Siri Fliehler

By embracing your company's culture in your workplace design, we can create an inspiring and engaging place to work for your employees.

Public-Private Partnership Conference Summary

By Greg Kanz, Dave Tallman, Justin Campbell

Public entities and private enterprises are coming together to do projects because of urgent infrastructure needs and lack of public resources.

Revitalize Commercial Properties by Repositioning them into Vibrant Marketplaces

By Mark Seabold

With more and more people turning to online retailers for their shopping needs commercial properties are facing different challenges than before.

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