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More Ways to Save with Solar in Illinois

By David Tepen

Illinois solar incentives and funding mechanisms...

Traffic Data Collection: A Useful Tool for All Industries & Markets

By Shive-Hattery

Traffic data collection tools equip you with knowledge to accurately and quickly identify possible problems, their causes and viable solutions to meet your wants and needs.

Illinois Lead Hazard Act Deadline: December 2018

By Shanna Fish

All Illinois schools built prior to Jan. 1, 1987, have only a few months left to complete testing for lead contamination in their water and create plans for remediation, if necessary. Steps to take...

Design Learning Spaces for All Students

By Kari Uhlenkamp

Classrooms are being redesigned for improved flexibility to accommodate different learning styles. This goes beyond wider doorways and desks that allow wheelchair accessibility.

Cubicles "benched"

By Jill Dexter

Two common business problems are finding their solution in one design trend. Shared workstations reduce footprint and increase collaboration.

Positive Impact of Exterior Upgrades

By Tandi Dausener

Do you think your local school is in need of some upgrades?

Rejuvenating Appetites and Student Participation

By Tandi Dausener

Designing richer, more student focused environments for your schools

Keeping Useful Buildings Functioning

By Shive-Hattery

With master planning, a building owner can evaluate a return on investment and develop a strategy for the building. Learn more...

Radon Testing in Large Facilities

By Chad Siems

Radon is a colorless, odorless and a tasteless gas. The basic elements of testing are...

Getting The Field of Your Dreams

By Jon Fitch

You’ve done your planning, discussed the options, and your school district has concluded that you need a new athletic field. Now it’s time to send out requests for proposals for master planning and construction drawings. How do you word your request?

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