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5 ways having a trails plan can benefit your community

By Jenifer Bates

Trails are an important part of any thriving, growing community.

More Ways to Save with Solar in Illinois

By David Tepen

Illinois solar incentives and funding mechanisms...

Traffic Data Collection: A Useful Tool for All Industries & Markets

By Shive-Hattery

Traffic data collection tools equip you with knowledge to accurately and quickly identify possible problems, their causes and viable solutions to meet your wants and needs.

4 Factors Influencing Today’s Criminal Justice Designs

By Michael Lewis

We've outlined four factors that most frequently impact criminal justice facility design, as well as a community’s decision-making process on how to best proceed.

Healthcare and Government Sectors Come Together for Mental Health

By Shive-Hattery Healthcare & Government Teams

The roundtable’s goal was to discuss the current state of behavioral health in Iowa and beyond, as well as the most challenging issues that await us and what we see for the future of behavioral health.

Road diet: Solving traffic problems with fewer lanes

By Justin Campbell

Sometimes roads need to go on a diet. Not get thinner or use fewer materials but maintain the same width while removing vehicle travel lanes and utilizing those spaces for other uses and travel.

Safer Passage

By David Stoner

Manual gives realistic estimate of how changes to intersections will affect crash frequency

Keeping Useful Buildings Functioning

By Shive-Hattery

With master planning, a building owner can evaluate a return on investment and develop a strategy for the building. Learn more...

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