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Illinois Lead Hazard Act Deadline: December 2018

By Shanna Fish

All Illinois schools built prior to Jan. 1, 1987, have only a few months left to complete testing for lead contamination in their water and create plans for remediation, if necessary. Steps to take...

Design Learning Spaces for All Students

By Kari Uhlenkamp

Classrooms are being redesigned for improved flexibility to accommodate different learning styles. This goes beyond wider doorways and desks that allow wheelchair accessibility.

Positive Impact of Exterior Upgrades

By Tandi Dausener

Do you think your local school is in need of some upgrades?

Rejuvenating Appetites and Student Participation

By Tandi Dausener

Designing richer, more student focused environments for your schools

Safety survey coming due for Illinois schools

By Shanna Fish

Is your school due for the 10-year health/life safety survey?

Less Surprise Costs for Schools with Roofing Programs

By Kevin Long

A roof is like a car. Regular maintenance will extend its life and keep everything running smoothly. Ignoring it and hoping for the best usually results in a leak and other repairs that could exceed the cost of your regular maintenance.

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