Strategic Use of Color and Lighting Influences Children’s Ability to Learn

By Laura Bradbury & Kari Uhlenkamp

The goal of all schools is to help their students learn by creating an environment in which they can thrive. Color and lighting can help support that mission.

Creating Beautiful Workplaces in Healthcare

By Shive-Hattery

Taking better care of doctors, nurses and staff so they can take better care of patients

4 Factors Influencing Today’s Criminal Justice Designs

By Michael Lewis

We've outlined four factors that most frequently impact criminal justice facility design, as well as a community’s decision-making process on how to best proceed.

3 Ways to Improve Your Workplace

By Michelle Jones

Give people choices, align design with company culture, focus on wellness...

Rejuvenating Appetites and Student Participation

By Tandi Dausener

Designing richer, more student focused environments for your schools

Safety survey coming due for Illinois schools

By Shanna Fish

Is your school due for the 10-year health/life safety survey?

Signs Your Office Needs a Redesign

By Jeff Laski

How do you know when your office is in need of an office renovation?

Major Takeaways from the Healthcare Design Expo & Conference

By Andy Moats & Jill Pudenz

When planning healthcare facilities, designers have much to consider...

Opportune Time for Communities to get an ADA Transition Plan

By Shive-Hattery

Time for a transition plan? Here are some key areas the Department of Justice (DOJ) looks at.

Collaborative Culture isn’t Achieved with Beautiful Spaces

By Mark Seabold

Simply adding a beautiful space to your office and calling it a collaborative area will not create a collaborative culture.

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