Traffic Data Collection: A Useful Tool for All Industries & Markets

By Shive-Hattery

Traffic data collection tools equip you with knowledge to accurately and quickly identify possible problems, their causes and viable solutions to meet your wants and needs.

Creating Beautiful Workplaces in Healthcare

By Shive-Hattery

Taking better care of doctors, nurses and staff so they can take better care of patients

Comply with USP 800 by December 2019

By Jeremy Huisman, Mike Petersen, Gary Van Dyke

Are you affected by this deadline? Take the USP 800 Quiz

Hot Topics at the 2016 Healthcare Design Expo & Conference

By Noah Diemer, Doyle Harper, Todd Wehr

See predicted changes in healthcare identified at the conference...

Healthcare and Government Sectors Come Together for Mental Health

By Shive-Hattery Healthcare & Government Teams

The roundtable’s goal was to discuss the current state of behavioral health in Iowa and beyond, as well as the most challenging issues that await us and what we see for the future of behavioral health.

Mental Health Facilities Can Help Patients Retain Dignity, Sense of Normalcy

By Holly Reid

One of the biggest hurdles that health professionals face when treating mental health patients is getting them to keep coming back.

Healthcare Facilities Focusing More on "Wellness" than "Illness"

By Holly Reid

Key takeaways from the 2016 Healthcare Facilities Symposium in Orlando

Do Chilled Beams & Healthcare Really Mix?

By Jeremy Huisman

Learn more about code changes and how chilled beams have been added to the list of systems suitable for various healthcare spaces.

Redefining Expectations of Senior Living

By Mark Seabold

The senior living environment has evolved dramatically over the past 25 years. These new facilities are changing the discussion from when do I need to move to when can I move!

Out of Sight, Out of Mind - Tunnel Assessments

By Douglas Bottorff

5 Reasons a Tunnel Infrastructure Assessment Program should be a Priority. Can you afford NOT to create a utility tunnel and vault assessment program?

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