About Us

As a Client-intimate consulting firm, we go beyond traditional design. With deep knowledge of our Client’s business, we offer customized solutions and provide support as an extension of your staff. We do not pursue one-time transactions; we cultivate relationships. To be your trusted advisor is the highest honor and our ultimate goal.

  • Seven locations
  • Employee-owned architecture and engineering firm
  • Revenues for fiscal year 2016 were $53.1 million
  • Founded in 1895 by T.R. Warriner and E.P. Boynton in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • Firm overview
Local Presence National Reach

Additional Awards
  • Building Design Construction (BD+C):
    • Ranked 12 on the Top 25 K12 Engineering Firms list (2016)
    • Ranked 16 on the Top 25 University Engineering Firms list (2016)
    • Ranked 23 on the Top 25 Sports Engineering Firms list (2016)
    • Ranked 19 on the Top 25 Healthcare Engineering Firms list (2016)
    • Ranked 9 on the Top 25 Retail Engineering Firms​​ list (2016)
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