History & Purpose

Building lasting relationships begins with our shared purpose and foundational values. Shive-Hattery exists to provide Unparalleled Client Service and fulfilling careers and professional satisfaction for our Employees.


Our Shared People Values give us guidance on how we treat each other. They are a critical part of our firm’s culture.

  • Truth – treat others with uncompromising truth
  • Trust – lavish trust on your associates
  • Mentoring – mentor unselfishly; share knowledge, skills and experience in a friendly way
  • Openness – be receptive to new ideas no matter the origin
  • Risk-Taking – take personal risks for the benefit of others; share ideas and speak up
  • Giving Credit – give credit where it is due
  • Honesty – be honest in all dealings
  • Caring – put the interests of others before your own

Our Shared Business Values are core to continued success.

  • Focus on the Customer – value the Voice of the Client, become a trusted advisor with strong personal relationships and breadth of involvement in client issues.
  • Innovate & continuously improve
  • Powershare – as a project-based, professional service firm we must provide information and share responsibility, give authority for decision making, provide resources to get things done, and, most importantly, allow time to think and plan.
  • Learn & teach – we believe it is a basic responsibility to learn and teach.

Our Shared Design Values - We believe in thinking differently. This encourages thoughtful and creative design solutions, through collaboration, for the success of our clients and communities.

  • Collaborative Culture and Processes
    • Maintain a culture of collaboration, supported at all levels of our organization
    • Develop and consistently employ cross-discipline work processes
    • Collaborate with our clients and stakeholders as integral design team members
  • Inspire and Elevate
    • Establish important "Guiding Ideas"
    • Collectively elevate design through continuous dialogue
    • Inspire Clients and Communities by being passionate about our work
  • Functional and Clear Solutions
    • Create easily understandable function-driven solutions
    • Improve the lives of those who interact with our projects
    • Recognize the value of simplicity, elegance and timelessness
  • Innovative Approaches
    • Adapt to change
    • Embrace new ideas and technologies and the resulting benefits
    • Advance innovation
  • Sustainable Outcomes
    • Embrace and promote sustainable approaches to our work
    • Optimize sustainable benefits for our clients and society
    • Think globally
  • Promote Social Responsibility
    • Create solutions that are thoughtful, contextual and relevant
    • Respect social fabrics and our communities
  • Exceed Expectations
    • Go beyond acceptable and appropriate solutions
    • Exceed client goals
    • Exceed our own goals

Company Culture

We listen carefully and ask for feedback about the client experience.Employees are surveyed annually about their experience at Shive-Hattery. The “Voice of the Client” and the “Voice of the Employee” feedback helps us continually improve and strengthen our culture.
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