Developing Future Leaders

Shive-Hattery’s Leadership Development Program (LDP) enhances the abilities of home-grown leaders within the company. LDP develops a pool of change agents as they advance their leadership knowledge and skills through the 15-18 month program.

Jim Lee, president, facilitates LDP which routinely consists of two classes of 8-10 employees each, with two-day-long discussions occurring every three months. Approximately 100 alumni exist from the 20-year-old program who now share a common language and knowledge base as it pertains to leadership within the company of 400 employees. 

Behind the Scenes of Shive-Hattery’s Leadership Development Program

The program builds leaders from within to then lead initiatives across the company. Leadership occurs at all levels of the organization diminishing the top-down management style that Shive-Hattery seeks to avoid. Over 70% of LDP alumni have stayed with Shive-Hattery to become leaders and create positive, adaptive change.

Company Operations Group

 Company Operations GroupI
Front (l to r): Jim Lee - President, Spero Valavanis - Vice President/Office Director, Tina Kueter - Director of Human Resources, Greg Kanz - Director of Marketing

Back (l to r): Tom Bosch - Vice President/Office Director, Bob Furgeson - Vice President/Office Director, Shawn Lueth - Vice President/Office Director, Jennifer Bennett - Vice President/Office Director, Jeff Clauson - Director of Project Delivery, Phil Larson - Vice President/Office Director, Jake Young - Director of Finance
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