Managing Your Long-Term Energy Risk

Managing Your Long-Term Energy RiskWhere will energy prices go? How will you manage building energy performance? The best answer is always “prepare for the worst and expect the best.” Well, that may not be as easy as it sounds when it involves risky energy markets, managing facility operations, and maintaining building performance; all while operational budgets continue to get tighter.

The Midwest is fortunate to have had relatively low or stable electricity and natural gas rates over the past decade. However, planning on that trend for the long-term is arguably a risky venture.

Recent national headlines were quoted as “US Electricity Prices may be going up for good” and “Your electric bill will skyrocket with new energy regulation.” No matter what your long-term belief is on the direction of prices, it is a good bet they will climb higher in the future, some say as much as 50% within a decade.

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