Re-Imagining Eames Chairs for Chicago Firefighter Charity Auction

March 03, 2014

Thomas Interior Systems sponsored a charity auction to benefit the families of fallen Chicago Fire Department firefighters.

Design Organization (DO), a division of Shive-Hattery, transformed an iconic Eames chair into a Chicago-themed piece of art for the charity auction.

The molded plywood Eames chair is known for its signature beautiful, curving profile. In thinking about City of Chicago and how that could inspire a design for the chair, DO saw a parallel between the curves of the chair and the profile of the shoreline. DO partnered with local designers and GIS specialists, Cartografika, to create this image of the city and its lakefront. Superimposing the map contrasts the sweeping lines of the chair with those of the lakeshore. A figure ground map captures the contrast between the density of the city and natural areas. Finally, overlaid on the map are the locations of the fire stations within the city, a tribute to the men and women honored by this event. These are identified by the stars from the city flag.

The charity auction was held on February 20, 2014 during an open house for the Thomas Interior Systems’ downtown Chicago office with over a dozen local architecture and design firms participating. The DO designed chair was auctioned for $1000.

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