Zweig Letter Publishes Spero Valavanis' Article on Acquisitions & Cultural Fit

April 12, 2018

The Zweig Letter published an article from Spero Valavanis, VP and Director of the Chicago and Valparaiso offices, in its April 9, 2018 issue. The Crucial Compatibility article focuses on the process and benefits of the right acquisition and what happens when cultures align.

Design Organization was acquired by Shive-Hattery in 2012. The firm completed rebranding under the Shive-Hattery umbrella in 2016.

Below is an excerpt:

We had seen disaster acquisitions before and were very concerned about our clients’ perception of this change. With support from Shive-Hattery, we assured our clients and communities that our staff and values had not changed. Our brand was maintained for the first three years. When we did change our name two years ago, it was a non-event.

Has it been a success? The Chicago-Valparaiso team has doubled in size, more than doubled revenue, and significantly increased brand recognition in the Chicagoland marketplace. The “One Firm” philosophy is elevating design and leveraging multi-disciplinary expertise and resources from within our company’s offices, ultimately delivering the best value to our clients, both regionally and nationally.

Finally, it always comes down to people. For the last five years I continue to look forward to meetings with our Operations Team, which consists of corporate officers and office directors, who are people I like and respect. Each office has the autonomy to run their businesses with support from Corporate Shared Services. This is an ideal corporate structure which sets us up for continued growth and future acquisitions.

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