Connecting Community Assets

Economic Impact

Market Potential

  • Overall, findings show that the study area demonstrates remarkably high market potential for recreational activities.

Economic Impact

  • An iconic set of attractions that leverage the energy of downtown Cedar Rapids while protecting its urban ecology.


  • The final economic impact of the enhancement of Cedar Lake and development of the Sleeping Giant is estimated to be $17,469,000 with a job increase of 370 jobs.

Key Themes

  • Cedar Rapids as a community has been placing increasing value on family-friendly places, health/wellness, and environmental stewardship.
  • Event spaces are highly valued.
  • There is growing desire to extend the stay of visitors to Cedar Rapids, especially leisure overnight visitors.
  • Well-coordinated partnerships will help the park stay relevant over the long-term.
Confluence + Shive-Hattery Confluence + Shive-Hattery

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