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Corrections Planning and Design

Restorative justice is impacting not only how our communities handle victims and offenders, but also how we approach corrections facility planning and design. With the needs of each party being taken into consideration – victims, offenders and community members – offenders are spending more time in correctional settings, which provides a greater opportunity for rehabilitative programs involving mental health, treatment, education, and vocational services. The increasing age of the current prison population has also created a need for facility designs that can accommodate a wider range of geriatric, advanced healthcare services.

Serving a population from the age of 18 until the end of life, today’s corrections facilities function almost as small communities. In addition to various housing configurations, they must support healthcare, mental health services, education and industry training. Correctional facilities aligned with the concepts of inmate rehabilitation, compassionate treatment and successful reintegration are a catalyst for positive outcomes.

Partnering with a multi-disciplinary firm like Shive-Hattery connects you with a team of justice design architects and engineers who use evidence-based practices, overlaying state and local standards, a comprehensive understanding American Correctional Association (ACA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) design standards. The Shive-Hattery team also offers engineering services for water, wastewater, power plants and roads (seems odd to call out these engineering services, without listing mechanical, electrical, and plumbing). Our designs for detention and corrections facilities promote ease of supervision and circulation, and are right-sized so inmates receive focused attention and personalized treatment.

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