Jameson Annex Medical Services


The South Dakota Department of Corrections (DOC) had outgrown the space dedicated to medical and behavioral health at its Jameson Annex campus. In addition to serving the inmate population, the Jameson Annex holds medical screenings at intake for inmates entering the South Dakota prison system.

Constructed in 1993 to serve a Jameson inmate population of 288, today’s inmate count is 670. The medical and behavioral health space had been virtually unchanged since that time. An eight-bed infirmary had been added within Unit A and outside the existing clinic in 1998. But as the prison population grew, the need for medical services inside the prison grew as well. Expanded use of the infirmary for emergencies, and the introduction of telemedicine for medical consultation services, resulted in a dramatic increase in outside consultations. The South Dakota Department of Corrections required an updated building that offered more space.


In response to a state RFQ, Shive-Hattery teamed with a local architectural partner, TSP, to address the medical and behavioral health issues confronting the South Dakota DOC. Initial onsite planning meetings were conducted with various user groups to determine space requirements. Plan options were explored, including the use of a vacant internal courtyard for expansion.

The result was a 6,250-square-foot Central Medical Clinic and 2,500-square-foot behavior health area.

The Central Medical Clinic includes exam rooms, a small procedure room, a dental suite, physical therapy services, a pharmacy and a lab. The new design also included a 24-bed infirmary, 12 general medical cells, one geriatric cell, two isolation cells (negative air pressure) and two comfort care cells. The behavioral health area includes staff offices, one-on-one consultation rooms, group dependency and general group meeting rooms.

The resulting solution and project budget was presented to the South Dakota State Legislature in September 2015 for funding approval. Construction is expected to begin in Spring 2016.


Once the South Dakota Department of Corrections’ Central Medical Clinic and behavior health area are complete, its Jameson Annex campus will be better prepared to serve the inmate population. Consideration is also being given to turning an existing housing unit into a behavioral health housing pod.
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