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LeRoy Community Fire Station


For years, the LeRoy EMS and volunteer fire departments struggled with space that was crowded and too small to comfortably hold equipment. Custom trucks had to be built or modified to fit through the facility’s existing doors. The trustees of the LeRoy Fire Protection District wanted to replace the cramped, outdated facility with a modern building that would meet current needs and provide adequate space as the community grows.


As a collaborative effort between Shive-Hattery, Catalyst Construction Management and the LeRoy Community Fire Station trustees, the team worked together to establish a project budget and gather public support through a referendum using Shive-Hattery renderings.

The new facility sits on the corner of the two major access points to LeRoy. A former IGA grocery store was demolished, and the site was repurposed for the 14,200-square-foot LeRoy Community Fire Station. The new building can now house the entire full-time EMS unit, consisting of two bays for apparatus, office space and sleeping quarters for six paramedics.

The volunteer fire department has six apparatus bays, office space for the chief, a training room, a lounge, a kitchen and a communications room. To provide a higher level of protection from severe weather, the apparatus bays were built out of precast concrete. The support areas were constructed from wood framing.


The LeRoy EMS and volunteer fire departments now have a new home that provides ample space for equipment, staff and volunteers, and was delivered on time and on budget.
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