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Linn County Juvenile Detention Facility


With a detention facility that it had outgrown, the City of Cedar Rapids needed to understand the options for either expanding and remodeling its existing juvenile detention facility, or constructing a new building.


Shive-Hattery first provided a feasibility study to compare the issues and costs associated with expansion and remodeling versus constructing a new facility. After hearing about the options, the client determined that a new facility was needed.

Shive-Hattery also provided programming and design services for the new 33,875-square-foot facility. It sits on a five-acre site, serving 35 juveniles, with five pods that each contain seven sleeping units. Planning for future growth, the facility can be expanded to house a population of up to 56.

Other areas of the new Linn County Juvenile Detention Facility include classrooms, a multi-purpose education room, a library, multi-purpose day rooms, interior and exterior recreation areas, a kitchen and dining area, administrative offices and a conference room, secure visiting rooms and a drive-in sally port to control entry.

Durable construction materials were used to diminish the potential for vandalism and reduce regular maintenance requirements. Sophisticated security technology is used throughout the facility to enhance the security benefits of the physical layout.

Facility spaces accommodate a full range of educational life skills, competency-building skills, motivational activities and housing. The physical plant layout allows for surveillance of residential and activity areas, discouraging misbehavior and eliminating places for juveniles to hide from staff.


The Linn County Juvenile Detention Facility provides a secure environment to protect staff members and the community, and creates a positive environment that assists juveniles in successfully returning to their community.
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