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City of Ames Police and City Hall Renovation


The City of Ames found itself short on space in its current municipal facility, which included city administration, police, engineering and IT departments. With unused and underutilized space available, the city wanted to better understand its renovation options.


To chart a course for better space utilization, Shive-Hattery first completed a space analysis and building-condition evaluation of the City of Ames Police and City Hall facility. This examination showed that the police department could benefit by capturing an existing corridor and an unused detention block, and using this space for other police department activities.

The city elected to proceed with renovation recommendations. Shive-Hattery was able to expand police department spaces by creatively repurposing the underutilized spaces. New spaces included records storage, an emergency operations center, a dispatch room, a 24-hour access lobby, evidence storage and small detention facility, along with select office and work room updates. The design improved internal circulation, making it more intuitive and facilitating access through an additional exterior entrance. Efforts complied with the Davis Bacon Act.


With this departmental renovation, the police department was able to resolve its operational deficiencies. Police records are now available 24/7 to the public via a new public access lobby. A new holding area facilitates faster and safer booking, short-term holding and interviews. A new emergency operations center functions as a crises suite in emergency situations, also doubling as a briefing room in normal conditions. Creative repurposing of existing space allowed for more efficient flow and usage during daily operations.
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