City of Clive Public Safety Facilities Study


The City of Clive’s police and fire departments had been sharing a building that dictated how they operated their departments. The two-story facility was operationally inefficient, strained communication, lacked critical security measures and had insufficient space. It was clear that the building could not support both departments going forward. The City of Clive’s mission was to improve police and fire services and operational effectiveness in a way that represented its unique identity.


The City of Clive and Shive-Hattery have had a long-standing relationship when it comes to addressing public safety and government administration needs. To derive a solution, a robust process was implemented to help Shive-Hattery understand city and staff needs, as well as evaluate options. A mission statement was used to evaluate key decisions and help the community understand and support the city’s goals and project direction.

Shive-Hattery worked with the police department to collect data regarding current and projected staff, number of arrests and individuals booked. This data was analyzed to understand existing and future needs of the department and create a right-sized facility.

Programming and diagramming exercises enlightened police and fire staff, who previously had to compromise on their department operations. In addition to the programming exercises, test fits of potential sites indicated that the city could build a new police facility while maintaining fire operations in the existing building.


A comprehensive document was developed with research and site analysis, proposed floorplans, engineering systems and building materials to provide a better understanding of the magnitude of the project and expected building performance. Armed with the results of this systematic approach, which led to a solid understanding of the city’s needs, the City of Clive and Shive-Hattery are ready to proceed with funding the project.
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