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North Liberty Civic Campus Study


Few building types say more about a community than a city hall. With high population growth sustained over the past decade and an expanding need for additional services, North Liberty’s existing city hall, police station and fire station have become too small. The City of North Liberty decided to investigate the possibility of a new civic campus that would better serve its growing community. They asked Shive-Hattery to study the size, cost, appearance and overall impact of a new combined city hall and police station to be located on a site in the gridded streets of the oldest part of town.


Shive-Hattery first conducted a traffic study and interviewed city hall staff to learn about their needs, staff sizes and expected future growth. With the appropriate information gathered from various departments, a design was developed working closely with city staff for a new iconic town center. The proposed civic campus showcases an L-shaped building that sits close to the street to mirror the other buildings in the neighborhood and to allow areas for future commercial development of greater density. A traditional roofscape was also created, to fit in with the surrounding residences. The brick and stone detailing, along with a tall clerestory entrance, give a traditional feel to a state-of-the-art civic building.

Three different street scheme options provide potential solutions for addressing traffic flow at the angled intersections surrounding the building site.


This project is currently open for public comment. With a new facility that combines the North Liberty city hall and police station along with an addition to their existing fire station, the city has an opportunity to create a new civic campus that meets their pressing needs and establishes a walkable “center-of-town” area to balance out the vigorous commercial and residential growth it has experienced along the major roads in town.
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