Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino

Prairie Meadows Casino Floor


Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino wanted to reinvent the look, feel and overall gaming experience that is provided to its guests


The large expanse of gaming floor was embellished with over-scaled architectural elements along with contemporary finishes adding new levels of excitement and energy to this facility. Architectural ceiling swooshes offer a sense of kinetic motion accompanied with sweeping Plasterglass column enclosures in general gaming areas. Two tone wood trim and paneling offer layers of contemporary elegance while custom floor and wall finishes heighten the sense of energy and motion adding multiple layers of excitement. Indoor air quality was improved with a unique under floor air delivery system and over-all lighting levels were increased to showcase the new spaces.

High limit rooms offer upscale gaming opportunities concealed behind bubble windows of textured glass. Inside, starburst ceilings punctuated by backlit ceiling vaults, transparent blue ceiling panels and custom chandeliers set the stage for these spaces.

Special casino floor design elements included suspended ceiling clouds over the elliptical feature bar and hotel entrance; stained wood entry portals, concealed light coves and a computer controlled lighting system with color morphing abilities. Special in-floor wire management systems enable flexible gaming floor slot machine layouts.


The renovated gaming spaces display exciting new architectural features and finishes that enhance the casino guest experience.

16,000 square feet
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