DMACC - Iowa Culinary Institute Expansion DMACC - Iowa Culinary Institute Expansion DMACC - Iowa Culinary Institute Expansion

Iowa Culinary Institute Expansion - DMACC


As a world renowned program, the Iowa Culinary Institute (ICI) at Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) provides unforgettable culinary experiences for both its students and the public throughout central Iowa.

Originally designed as a classroom building, the aging physical space had become disconnected from the world-class dining experience offered by the program. In addition, it is becoming increasingly important to provide amenities and common space to attract and retain students. DMACC's student population has gradually been evolving from a commuter population to one with students staying on campus.


What began as a memorial for Lori Dowie-Reeser, Executive Chef who served at DMACC ICI for almost 30 years, turned into a campaign to expand and revitalize the facility. The entryway, lobby and pre-banquet space will be redesigned and expanded to set the perfect tone complementary of gourmet dining experiences.


The expansion of ICI will transform the facility into a welcoming beacon for students, staff and visitors alike. The facility will have a unique learning and gourmet dining experience.
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