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Lincoln Hall - University of Illinois at Chicago


Lincoln Hall on the University of Illinois Chicago campus was in need of major exterior and interior renovations and restorations.


The project team coordinated the repair and protection of a deteriorating exterior structure with a new curtain wall solution intended to last for another generation. This solution combined daylight harvesting and creating opportunities for views that never existed in the original design. The program required bringing the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems up to date for a 21st century classroom environment while incorporating current building codes, computer technology needs, and accessibility. This was to be the first USGBC LEED project on campus with a goal of LEED Silver.


The design solution successfully respects the original architectural character in the mullion spacing and butt glazed corners, while encapsulating the structure in a new highly efficient curtain wall system. The geothermal mechanical system exceeds the university expectations for cooling and heating. Delivering the project under budget allowed for the addition of 240 PV Modules on the roof that provide up to 7% of the building’s electrical requirements, potentially 50% of the heat pumps electrical usage and exceeded the goal with a USGBC LEED Gold Certification.

25,000 square feet
Budget: $8.6 million

Featured in the University of Illinois Alumni Association magazine: Lincoln Hall Revisited
Featured in AIA Chicago Architect: New Cool for Illinois Higher Education School
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