Linkins Dining Center Renovation Linkins Dining Center Renovation Linkins Dining Center Renovation

Linkins Dining Center - Illinois State University


In order to respond to the ever changing needs of its student base, Illinois State University wanted to completely renovate Linkins Dining Center which serves 1,200 students living in the West Campus Residence Hall Complex.


The University wished to create a welcoming environment that would attract students to the dining center. The cafeteria-style dining center was transformed into a vibrant, self-service dining center featuring a variety of food options including pizza/pasta, Mongolian Grille, home style and salad bar. The renovation included a new kitchen/food prep area, dish room, serving and dining areas. By adding a fire sprinkler system and upgrading the fire alarm system, the design team helped bring the facility to compliance with current life safety requirements.

This project also involved a major renovation of an under-utilized lower level of the dining center. The University wanted to repurpose the lower level into a gathering place for the residents of West Campus. The renovation included a fitness center, game room, TV lounge, student offices and study rooms.


The new dining center has a market feel that invites students in for an all-around enjoyable dining experience.

15,000 square-feet
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