City High School Addition & Renovations City High School Addition & Renovations

City High School Addition & Renovations


Dealing with increasing enrollment and overcrowding at City High School, the Iowa City School District needed to increase available building space and better utilize the space they already had. This would not be City High’s first addition—the original 1939 building has undergone six additions, in fact—creating natural challenges (such as additions on varying floor levels.) This project sought to integrate the various additions to the building, create a cohesive exterior appearance and increase space available for classrooms and student activities.


Shive-Hattery designed an addition that provides 16 new classrooms, a new student commons, and a new state-of-the-art fitness center. To deal with congested hallways, a circulation space—between the academic and physical education areas of the building—was completed. The project also included a 30,000 square foot expansion and upgrade of the media center. Other elements of the project focused on energy efficiency—in the form of new lighting and new heating, ventilation and air conditioning system—and fire and safety improvements. As important, the project was coordinated with school administration in a manner least intrusive for students.


The new addition offers a variety of benefits to the school community. The exterior façade now blends with the existing facility and creates a new focal point at the rear of the building facing a major city arterial. The project also creates an inviting connection to the adjacent sports facilities and the nearby residential areas. Site improvements also included adding a fire lane, to bolster fire and security efforts at the school. Ultimately, it is the increased learning and interaction space for students and teachers alike that is highly valued.

45,000-square-foot addition
renovation of 30,000 square feet

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