St. Charles Municipal Buildings

St. Charles Municipal Buildings


St. Charles had outgrown the City's Public Works Facility and it needed renovation and expansion to continue to service and meet the needs of the community.


The first step was to Master Plan the entire site and facility which included administration offices, support areas for the Sewer, Water, Meter/Communications, Streets, Fleet, Inventory Control, Electric Line and Engineering Departments as well as a yard for material storage, vehicle trailers, fueling station and parking. The project was designed to be implements in phases, to maintain operations at all times. The project also included a service area with eight drive-through bays to maintain the City's vehicles from police cars to dump trucks, street sweepers and fire trucks.


The project was delivered without interruption of service to the residents and provides improved efficiency for all departments.

62,500 square foot addition
52,000 square foot building renovation
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