University Heights Melrose Sidewalk University Heights Melrose Sidewalk

University Heights Melrose Sidewalk


To better accommodate heavy pedestrian traffic along the Melrose Avenue corridor, the City of University Heights decided to replace the existing 4' sidewalk on the north side of the street with an 8' sidewalk/trail through town.


Roadway, sidewalk, storm sewer, retaining wall, and pedestrian lighting improvements were developed. The project required more than 20 temporary construction easements and three right-of-way acquisitions to accommodate the construction of the improvements. Due to the large number of affected property owners, e-mail and city website updates were used to maintain communication with the project stakeholders. The project was partially funded with Transportation Enhancement Federal Aid funding through the Iowa Department of Transportation.


The improved sidewalk will provide a connection to the existing/planned regional trail system and result in increased capacity for an important route used by many people walking or bicycling to/from the University of Iowa campus, just east of University Heights.
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