Roadway Median Enhancements Roadway Median Enhancements

Roadway Median Enhancements


New development in near the Jordan Creek Lifestyle Center led to the need for enhancements to the medians surrounding the growing retail development.


A graphic theme was chosen for the steel panel median enhancements using concepts taken from native plants, along with limestone features to maintain a natural aesthetic. Weathered metal was chosen to carry the design through the corridor and tie in with features on neighboring roadways. The City of West Des Moines received federal STP funding for the median enhancements, and therefore the project was administered by the Iowa Department of Transportation, throughout the project development process. The collaborative work done between the various city staff and its departments made the project successful.


The final installation brings an artistic feel to the retail development and ties in seamlessly with the Iowa landscape. The metal panels are more than just objects of beauty however. They help to create a unique visual identity for visitors and residents in the Jordan Creek area. The panels are designed to breakaway in the event of an accident so that the structures do not create a safety hazard for drivers.
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