Bettendorf Streetscape Masterplan Bettendorf Streetscape Masterplan

Bettendorf Streetscape Masterplan & Design


The City of Bettendorf created a master plan for its downtown district that called for more living space downtown, streets that accommodate multiple modes of transportation and more green space. As part of this master plan, the city wanted to develop a plan for streetscaping along State Street and Grant Street from the west to east city limits.


Shive-Hattery worked with city staff and other stakeholders to create a unique identity and enhance the pedestrian and vehicular experience through the corridor. Improvements included adding decorative light posts with banners and LED bulbs to illuminate sidewalks and streets; bump-out curbs and crosswalks with colorful concrete; public art; benches; landscaping; kiosks; signs and trash receptacles.


The amenities added to the downtown area as part of the streetscaping plan highlight the beauty of the city’s core neighborhood for both pedestrians and motorists. What seem like simple changes to the streetscape, help enhance the overall atmosphere of the downtown district and the resident and visitor experience.
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