Louisa Interpretive Center Louisa Interpretive Center Louisa Interpretive Center

Louisa Interpretive Center


Louisa County Conservation received a grant from the National Scenic Byways program to create an Interpretive Center Master Plan for the Great River Road. They needed help in developing a program and creating a Master Plan for the Langwood Education Center and the Louisa Resource Area. The Interpretive Center would be constructed with environmentally sensitive materials with low operational costs with the goal of achieving LEED certification.


Through a series of work sessions, used to capture the knowledge of the Langwood Education Center Advisory Committee, project elements were defined and a brochure was created to use as a fundraising tool in bringing the vision to reality. The current vision for the center includes: interpretive components of a museum, on-site outdoor wetland, prairie, and forest interpretive displays as well as new and existing structures to support and enhance the current environmental education program. Space was also needed for year-round Langwood Education Center permanent staff offices and multi-purpose rooms to be used for retreats and environmental education.


Now in design stage, the Louisa Interpretive Center at Langwood in southeastern Iowa includes interpretive exhibits that tell stories about the unique area, including its history, culture, geology, hydrology, fauna and flora. Special features also include outdoor wetland, prairie and forest interpretive displays. Since funding to date has been largely through National Scenic Byway grants, the traveler of the Great River Road will benefit from having a Center to better understand the 15,000 acres of local public open space. The center's educational mission emphasizes the importance of environmental conservation—something that is interwoven into the building and its planning
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