Moline Streetscape Master Plan-Phase 1 Moline Streetscape Master Plan-Phase 1 Moline Streetscape Master Plan-Phase 1 Moline Streetscape Master Plan-Phase 1 Moline Streetscape Master Plan-Phase 1

Moline Streetscape Master Plan-Phase 1


The City of Moline, Illinois City Council, as well as community leaders from organizations such as Renew Moline and Moline Centre Main Street, have long recognized the importance of a thriving downtown and have undertaken many initiatives to nurture downtown redevelopment. So the City of Moline wanted to enhance the 5th Avenue corridor of downtown from 11th Street to 19th Street for pedestrians living, shopping and visiting the Downtown Business area. This would be the first major streetscape construction project developed from the 2006 Moline Streetscape master plan prepared by Shive-Hattery.


Over the past 20 years, several major redevelopment projects have been completed by the City of Moline to enhance the riverfront. The current focus is to leverage this new core of redevelopment by connecting it with the downtown business district and encouraging users who may be coming for specific destinations, experiences, or events to discover the historic heart of the community. One method of creating that connection is through an attractive and well-designed system of pedestrian-oriented streets. The Moline Streetscape Master Plan provides a framework for creating those connections. The project was broken down into three phases. Phase I enhancements focused on 14th, 15th and 16th streets and included new LED lighting that illuminates the historic architecture in the downtown as well as pedestrian walkways, new planting areas, bus shelters, stamped colored concrete crosswalks and site furniture including benches. Phase II improvements covered 17th Street to 19th, while Phase III includes 11th Street to 14th Street. The project was completed as funding became available.


A strong and vibrant downtown is essential to the future of Moline. A healthy downtown provides jobs to residents, creates tax base, provides housing and recreation opportunities, creates a community identity, and fosters a sense of community pride. The Moline streetscape master plan is part of a vision for the overall redevelopment of the Moline Centre district. The plan also stresses the importance of a consistent and unified vocabulary of streetscape improvements to support growth of commerce, housing, and entertainment through the downtown.

The International Downtown Association selected the Shive-Hattery designed Moline Centre Streetscape Master Plan and the 5th Avenue Reconstruction Project in Moline, Illinois for a 2012 Downtown Merit Award. The project won in the Public Space category which recognizes capital improvements that enhance the urban design, physical function, or economic viability of downtown and the community.
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