Homestead Lagoon Upgrades Homestead Lagoon Upgrades Homestead Lagoon Upgrades

Homestead Lagoon Upgrades


The IAIS railroad wanted to construct a maintenance facility within the Homestead Sanitary Sewer District. In order to send its waste to the District's wastewater treatment facility, improvements were necessary.


Facility and antidegredation studies were prepared along with recommendations and opinions of cost for the associated recommendations. Alternative analysis included maintenance to the existing facility, lagoon modifications, construction of a new activated sludge facility and a combination of existing facility maintenance and land application.

An attorney was added to the team to develop agreements for the IAIS Railroad to fund the improvements and future operating costs associated with the treating the railroad's maintenance facilities waste. Upon acceptance of the agreements between the IAIS Railroad and the District, plans were submitted to the Iowa DNR for approval and permitting.

Improvements to the facility included a new influent structure and flow meter, lagoon inlet piping and removal of sludge from both lagoon cells. In addition to this work, a review of the existing rate structure was conducted and a new structure was proposed. With revenue from the IAIS railroad, the District will have sufficient funds for future Homestead Sanitary District wastewater treatment plant facility maintenance.


The new railroad maintenance facility provides a revenue stream for future maintenance to the wastewater treatment facility and enabled adding capacity to the wastewater treatment facility. The new railroad maintenance facility employs approximately 30 individuals and provides employment opportunities for residents within the District.
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