Camanche Water Main and Towers

Camanche Water Mains and Towers


The City owned and operated a domestic water system that includes four wells, a water tower and distribution system to serve its population of 4,200. While that water system primarily served the area east and south of the US 67 to the Mississippi River, the western portion of the City—to the west of US 67—was a growing area for the city. The area is within the city limits, but is rural in nature with many of the homes served by private wells and septic systems. Due to potential groundwater quality issues in the western area of Camanche, the city requested a study of the Camanche Water System, and how the system could support the proposed service area.


A model of the Camanche System was completed and evaluated. Approximately 40 scenarios for pipe size, pipe routes and water pressure supply were initially evaluated. Then the top three scenarios were chosen for further study, including their effects on water quality, cost of construction and the benefits each solution provided to the city.

As a result of the study, water system improvements were designed that included extending water service to the rural areas of town as well as upgrading some of the water mains in town. The project included two 250,000-gallon pedestal elevated water storage tanks, demolition of a water tower, approximately 1.5 miles of 12-inch water main and 3.5 miles of 8-inch water main and a new SCADA system. The existing tower, while in great condition, was not tall enough to accommodate the increased service area. One new tower is located in the center of Camanche, next to City Hall. The second tower was located on the edge of town near the proposed development area.


The new Camanche water system is well equipped to meet the current and growing needs of the city, in both the eastern and western areas of town. The project successfully expanded the water system to serve the growing community, but also enhanced and improved infrastructure in older neighborhoods. The new water towers are also serving a dual purpose by providing an antenna location for a local Wi-Fi provider and are equipped to work with other cellular companies.
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