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Advocate Bromenn Pharmacy


Advocate BroMenn Medical Center's original pharmacy location was short on space and did not include the latest advances covered by USP 800 clean room design to protect its staff from harmful products and processes.  In addition, the pharmacy services needed to be closer to patient rooms, including critical care, to allow staff to respond more quickly to patients.


The answer was to relocate the pharmacy in the lower level of BroMenn's 2012 building alongside the recently relocated laboratory. The department has expanded from 3,400 square feet  to 4,300 square feet with additional support space. It includes a USP 800 clean room, an expanded dispensing area which improves staff work flow and improved staff support spaces.


The new location provides improved access for out-of-house pickups and deliveries and positions the department to support the future centralization of inpatient departments in the recently built patient bed tower.
The goal of providing a safer environment for the chemo mixing area was achieved and with a much improved work flow.
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