St. Anthony Franciscan Point Outpatient Care Center St. Anthony Franciscan Point Outpatient Care Center

St. Anthony Point Outpatient Care Center


St. Anthony Franciscan Point was developing a new campus to address demand for outpatient services. They asked architects to design the Master Plan and each Phase with flexibility for growth and change.


The solution was a medical mall with services along an internal main street of care with multiple access points for ease of patient access and orientation. Services were organized from fitness (sports training center as one anchor) to fix it (ambulatory surgery center as the other anchor). Phase 1 was focused on sports training, orthopedics and physical therapy. It also included traditional services of primary care, urgent care, imaging and lab. Phase 2 added a multi-specialty ambulatory surgery center.


The successful project addresses the shift in healthcare to wellness and outpatient services, providing patients with convenient accessible care and allowing the main hospital to focus on higher acute care.

The medical mall concept allows for growth and change for any care component and the addition of new services.

Phase 1: 86,000
Phase 2: 28,000
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