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UnityPoint Des Moines IMMC Emergency Department


It is not uncommon to hear of disappointing and unsatisfactory experiences at the emergency department from patients and families. Long waits, overcrowding and environments that are unfriendly, noisy and chaotic are consistent themes. With grit and determination the dedicated staff consistently triumphs over undesirable situations to provide the level of care needed and deserved by the community. This was a story with which the adult and pediatric emergency departments at Iowa Methodist Medical Center were familiar.
The existing facility occupied space that is strung through three different contiguous buildings in an arrangement proven to be inefficient and inflexible. Demand for emergency services many times exceeded capacity, resulting in long waits where care was delivered in less than optimum situations.


A highly collaborative process was developed to merge the talents and perspectives of  the Emergency Department and Level One Trauma Center. A complex site, structural and infrastructure issues, program requirements, medical processes and protocols were all studied and redeveloped throughout the process, which focused on the goal of removing constraints and barriers to the delivery of outstanding healthcare. A new environment was planned to be efficient, flexible and adaptable. The design provides healthcare experiences that a are rewarding to the staff, and as comfortable and reassuring to the patients and their families as possible.


The existing 23,339-square-foot, 28-room facility was expanded into a 60,000-square-foot Level One Trauma Center with 41 Private Patient Rooms, six bays for Rapid Assessment Units, a fully dedicated Imaging Center including a CT Unit, and an EMS Center with a five-bay Ambulance Garage.

UnityPoint Health Exterior

UnityPoint Health Adult

UnityPoint Health Pediatric

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