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Dust Collection & Deflagration

The design and installation of effective dust collection systems is a complex process. These systems must meet the needs of your particular process, while staying in conformance with code requirements. There are over a dozen National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards that affect various types of dust collection systems. Many of these standards have recently been updated which may impact the conformance of your system. In addition, Congress has granted OSHA the authority to enforce the NFPA standards as law.

Due to their complex nature, designing dust collection systems requires working with a team experienced with the codes and various types of material handling systems. As a full-service design firm, we can provide this type of expertise. The process to design your system includes:

  • Identifying materials being conveyed and collected
  • Working with you and your insurers to develop a cost effective and safe system to collect and transport the materials from the point of origin to the final collection point
  • Providing mechanical design of the conveying and collection systems
  • Providing structural design of the support and any required deflagration systems
  • Providing electrical design for the power and alarms required for the systems
  • Using 3D technology to create 3D models of the systems to check for fit and conflicts prior to field installation
The proper design of dust collection systems creates a safe and efficient environment. Dust and other materials will be safely conveyed from the point of origin to the collection location, providing you with a clean and efficient facility. The use of 3D technology will also minimize down time of your facility.
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