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Loading Dock Design

Due to new industry standards, you are faced with keeping your loading dock design current and up-to-date. If you have an existing system in place, you will need to find cost-effective and versatile solutions that work with your current equipment to maximize the return of your original investment.

Poor loading dock design can cause:
  • Traffic flow and congestion problems at your facility
  • Leave gaping holes in your building around the loading dock doors that impact your building’s energy performance and interfere with employee productivity, safety and comfort.
Understanding your facility and process needs is critical to design versatile solutions for your loading docks that leverage your productivity by good truck maneuvering and designing efficient loading dock equipment that seals around building openings therefore enhancing the efficiencies of your heating and cooling systems.

Design solutions can include paving and approaches to elevated docks or platforms, traffic lighting, truck restraints, dock bumpers, dock seals/shelters, overhead dock doors, and automatic dock levelers to fit your needs. Fitting a building with the correct loading dock equipment can maintain energy efficiency and product flow and keep employee safety at the forefront.

When designing your loading docks we will:
  • Meet with you to establish expectations and identify the loading dock requirements to provide the right design solutions.
  • Evaluate the traffic flow of the shipping and receiving at the facility.
  • Evaluate the truck and trailer maneuvering in around the buildings utilizing a software program for real time video and graphics. Design paving for proper truck maneuvering and turning radius to approach elevated loading dock doors or platforms.
  • Design for the traffic lighting control in and around dock doors. Specify signage and traffic lights for dock doors
  • Research loading dock equipment available on the market to meet your requirements.
  • Select and specify dock bumpers.
  • Select and specify truck restraints to meet safety standards.
  • Select and specify the desired components integral to the loading dock shelters/seals. These shelters may include retractable/insulated walls and canopies with retractable flanges that wrap the sides of the truck trailer. Sealing around the perimeter of the trailer is accomplished with the correct components included in the dock seals/shelters.
  • Select and specify the desired components integral to the dock levelers. The dock levelers can be manual or automatic to facilitate adjustment to facilitate truck trailer height. The leveler can be specified to include brush weather seals to minimize cold air infiltration.
  • Energy efficient overhead dock doors
  • Specify truck restraints for safety
  • Evaluate and design loading dock paving for maneuvering of trucks safely to overhead door docks
The proper design of loading docks creates a safe and efficient environment. Energy efficiency will be maximized resulting in greater comfort for employees and saving money at each dock door without slowing down shipping and receiving. Product shipping and receiving will remain at peak operating efficiency.
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