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Hanick Larson Property - Hampstead Woods


Well-known Iowa City Realtor Kevin Hanick was looking for a building site and an architect to help bring a new type of multi-family housing to the local market: open plan condos positioned in a beautiful setting, offering amenities to lure people out of their homes and into shared indoor and outdoor spaces.


After helping Kevin secure a beautiful site overlooking trees and prairie within 3 minutes of downtown, Shive-Hattery began working closely with him to design a series of three multi-family buildings that will bring 56 new residential units to the Iowa City area.

The design features views of the surrounding woods and a lush central courtyard dotted with community spaces. Clean exterior lines and underground parking will keep the focus of the multi-family housing development on nature and the outdoors. Each unit will feature a window wall that opens the living room up to a large projecting balcony that can become a screened in porch with the flick of a switch.

Residents will share common interior areas that can accommodate up to 120 people gathering to enjoy concerts, readings, and talks from local performers. Commissioned pieces from local artists will also be showcased in the shared spaces. By offering beautiful, open living spaces with additional amenities scattered throughout the development, residents will be able to live throughout the entire building and development instead of being isolated in their individual units. The focus is on creating a community and not just a collection of dwellings—a community connected to this natural setting.


The multi-family development project is scheduled to begin construction in 2018. Iowa City residents now have a unique option to consider when searching for high-end condominium living, allowing them to connect with their neighbors and take advantage of the outdoors—all within 3 minutes of downtown Iowa City.
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