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As communities begin to make decisions regarding their approach to addressing the expectations of the retiring community, they soon discover that it is not just about renovations and additions. They are realizing there’s more to attracting new residents. The programs and services provided are what truly make a community a success in attracting and retaining residents.

Senior Living providers are turning to new amenities to help with repositioning and replacing the “old folks home” stigma. The success of repositioning a senior living community depends on a number of factors, but the biggest driver when looking to boost occupancy depends on the research performed. This research takes into account the community’s history, culture and expectations when looking for the appropriate amenities for a community.

Investing in new trends within the industry, such as technology, dining venues and wellness amenities can give providers a competitive edge. Amenities not only attract new residents, but improve the wellness and quality of life for current residents. It’s about creating an experience.
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