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The generations entering retirement will want to remain in their homes because they are still active and are not in need of the services the typical 'old folk's home" provides. The issue with staying in their homes is that when additional care is required the decision is no longer a want to move proposition but a need to move problem. The choices become more limited and the potential for being a part of a larger active community is decreased.

In this ever changing world, retirees should be looking forward to retirement living. The goal should be to recognize that moving into a senior living community is an exciting new chapter in their lives filled with opportunities and friendships. The senior living industry is in a transition from offering only healthcare services to providing seniors with the opportunity to continue a vibrant, active lifestyle all within an environment that supports active aging.

The availability of social opportunities with fellow retirees will likely be one of the deciding factors as to which type of retirement community the resident decides to join. Giving residents spaces to continue the activities they love will make your community stand out amongst the competition.
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