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Prospective senior residents have an increasingly sophisticated understanding of sustainability and take an active interest in how their housing impacts the environment around them. However, building new sustainable communities or renovating existing facilities to be more efficient is usually associated with large upfront costs.

New trends offer a wide range of options to incorporate sustainability into facilities. By setting sustainability goals at the onset and getting stakeholders, designers, engineers, and construction managers on board with the defined goals upfront costs can be kept to a minimum. The entire team can work together to balance costs with the long term savings which justifies the costs in the short term.

Facilities are designed to be much more energy efficient, utilize daylighting for energy and health reasons, and are responsible with the energy they use and the materials they are built from.

By inserting sustainability into these properties, owners can help motivate innovation and cater to their residents, qualify for energy rebates while reducing both their overhead and carbon footprint.
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