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Senior Living providers look to offer residents a variety of services that set them apart from the competition. However, there is one feature that continues to gain prominence. As market expectations demand it and potential residents see it as a symbol of living an active life, wellness is no longer a few pieces of equipment in a leftover space; they are areas for activity and socialization. Addressing the social, emotional, intellectual and physical aspects of wellness is a representation that residents can live fulfilling lives within your community.

Design teams and community leaders have found ways to organize spaces to create a wellness environment throughout the whole community. Wellness spaces in communities continue to evolve to compete with local health clubs and spas. The typical components include exercise equipment, flexible space for activities and classes, and occasionally a pool to address the physical aspect of wellness. Incorporating views and outdoor spaces that connect to nature can improve overall well-being and offer the opportunity for reflection or recreation. Forward-thinking communities addressing all components of wellness will incorporate internet cafes, beauty salons, movie theatres, and outdoor spaces to name a few.

The desire of finding ways to stay active does not change as one transitions to a senior living community. The expectation of current and future residents is their senior living provider understands the importance of an active lifestyle and will continue to provide spaces to accommodate. Wellness spaces help elevate the senior living experience and support the desire we all have – to live life to the fullest.
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