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Promoting healthy lifestyles is front and center in the United States, as well-being programs and initiatives aim to reduce disease by encouraging movement, regular exercise, and better dietary habits. Making healthy choices starts at an early age and continues late into retirement years – and government sports facilities play a key role in helping community members stay healthy.

Shive-Hattery delivers architecture, construction, engineering, and design solutions to communities and government agencies that want to provide indoor and outdoor sports facilities accessible to everyone, regardless of age, gender, fitness level, or ability.

From community fitness centers and sports fields to functional fitness opportunities incorporated into parks and trails, we work closely with you to create spaces that can be used by serious athletes and casual recreational users alike – and everyone in between. Shive-Hattery’s design solutions and ideas can accommodate organized-group programs, impromptu friendly competition, and individual conditioning activities, whether inside in a fitness room or outside on a track.

When it comes to government sports facilities, we consider not only health and fitness, but also social interaction. Our focus is on supporting the energy and activity that occur within sports facilities while maintaining safety and ensuring durability.

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