Modern Woodmen Park Modern Woodmen Park Modern Woodmen Park

Modern Woodmen Park


As part of their efforts to modernize Modern Woodmen Park, beautify the surrounding river front property and provide fans of the River Bandits baseball team the best ballpark experience possible, the City of Davenport wanted a new outdoor recreation plaza and parking lot that would complement the stadium. The project was complex and required dealing with a number of government and private entities including the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, the Iowa Department of Transportation, the Illinois Department of Transportation, Scott County Iowa and the Canadian Pacific Railway/Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern Railroad.


The first step of the project was the preparation of a parking efficiency analysis based on the size constraints of the parcel. After analyzing five design concepts via 3D renderings, the selection committee went with an option that maximized the parking count—at 215—and driver accessibility. Because the parking lot would drain directly to the Mississippi River, the City requested that green principles be incorporated into the project through the use of bioswales and native plant materials to reduce stormwater runoff and also reduce total suspended solids pollutant runoff.


The project’s result was an outdoor plaza that complements the stadium, enhances pre-game experiences and encourages use as an outdoor venue when games are not in session. The increase in parking spaces has improved parking conditions for users of the stadium as well.
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